哪个国家最难被入侵(Which country is the hardest to invade?)

Which country is the hardest to invade?




1.The USA

America spends $639 billion on defence every year. What? Do you want more? OK. The mere scale of the US, nearly 10 million square kilometres, would make invading it a multi-year endurance test, with numerous landscapes, from the deserts of Nevada, the mountains of Colorado, the prairies of Iowa and icy giant Alaska. Add that to a highly armed population (thank you 2nd Amendment) who have been dreaming of this since Red Dawn, and it looks 100% impossible. Because it is!




Although Russia faces numerous problems, from a weak economy to an ageing and shrinking population, it remains impossible to invade (IMHO). Mostly because it’s just so damn big! Russia takes up almost 1/8th of the world’s land surface, and with some absolutely freezing winters, it led to Napoleon and Hitler retreating and never successfully occupying the country.




Yes, I know that Canada and Australia are different countries. But both remain impossible to invade for pretty much the same reason, with both countries being sparsely populated huge landmasses. The main difference though is Canada is predominately a freezing Arctic hellscape and Australia is predominately a floating desert. Any attempts to seriously invade these countries would lead to permanent guerilla warfare in either the Mountains or the Outback. And Canada is also part of NATO.




Given Israel is the size of Wales (or New Jersey for you American Quorans) it is incredible that they’ve fought 8 wars in 70 years and won all of them. The country has been fighting to exist since independence in 1948, and they’re REALLY good at it. Like when they defeated 5 Arab armies at once when the state was born. Or when they defeated the entire Arab world in 6 days in 1967. When the Arabs attacked during Yom Kippur, 1973, Israel not only won but easily could have taken Cairo and Damascus.




Afghanistan does not get the name “The Graveyard of Empires” for nothing. Even in their peak in world history, most of the greatest Ancient and medieval Indian Empires; and even the British, the Russians and the Americans could not rule or subdue this land. Firstly, the terrain is very challenging, with the country being mostly desert and mountainous. Attempting to invade would lead to permanent guerilla warfare, with Afghan forces merely hiding in the mountains and waiting for the next attack.

Secondly, Afghanistan’s population also makes it very challenging to invade. Pashtun, Turkmen, Baloch. I could go on… With so many ethnic groups, it makes conquering even harder, as conquers must subdue the whole population. Given how it went for the British, Russians and Americans, I would like to see any given army try.